Fixated on the Wrong Thing

Are you as concerned as I that the world seems to be coming apart faster than a double cheese pizza at a Weight Watchers Convention? Yet every day when I watch the news, the media seems more fixated on trivial matters than the real problems.

If the conventional wisdom is we already know terrorists are trying to enter the United States at the southern border, why is the border open, and national football league and school lunches the central theme of media conversation? I remember a gospel tune some years back with the words, “Why are we rearranging pictures on the wall when the house is on fire?” No offense to the media but school lunch programs, Hollywood fashions, and football players who spank their kids, is not high on my priority list.

This week we learned (shock of all shock) that school lunch waste has now surpassed 80% in some school districts since Michelle Obama, (the Mostess who wants our Hostess) initiated her war on lunch boxes. I have a news flash: Preschoolers favor Potato Chips over Kale Chips, does this surprise anyone?

Since the new “The Lord giveth and the government taketh away initiative was implemented, brownies are out and bake sales are as scarce as a complete set of teeth at a Willie Nelson concert. You’ll find macaroni and cheese, pizza, and soda pop will be only spoken in hushed tones like the passing of a beloved icon. Didn’t peasants of yore rise up and fight for a lot less injustice? Yet I bet we’ll see in the future an appropriations bill allocating funds to study the conundrum of why our nation’s kids don’t like these new lunches.

We have a lot bigger problems and it didn’t start in the kitchen. Our problems start in the halls of our government. They’re too busy rearranging pictures and plum positions while the country is ablaze. Sure our borders are porous, our unemployment numbers are at record levels, and our taxes are too high. Yet what do they want us to focus on; school lunches? When referring to our legislators I think this metaphor works best, “doesn’t that just take the cake?”

About enthusiasmiscontagious

I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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