Read My Lips, No New Taxes

I simply don’t get it.The American public is as fickle as Kim Kardashian’s choice of men. I know little things matter because I see people fight over them all the time. Parking spaces near the mall, Black Friday waiting lines, and Netflix price increases. The list could go on and on. I laugh when the price of gas drops a mere .5-cents and people will drive across town just to save .75-cents on a full tank of gas. It doesn’t matter that it cost $5 extra to make the trip. What matters is they believe they saved money.

So I am at a loss when political leaders openly and vociferously call for new taxes, and no one says anything. Two decades ago, George Bush Sr. lost his bid for a second term because he reneged on a promise of no new taxes. So what exactly has changed with Americans since that time? It can’t be because we’re all flush with cash.

Considering my own personal budget, I’m not sure I could handle one more increase on anything. Oh I know the postage stamp only climbed a penny, but where does it end? In the past four years gasoline has increased 158 %, electricity 43 %, margarine 143%, orange juice 46% eggs 73 %, and healthcare costs 23% and they’re still all climbing. The next question, has your income kept up with your costs so you can pay (as the President says) your fair share of taxes?

Just last month, workers from around the country got a goose egg in their paychecks. They learned their income will be $1000 lighter in order to cover new payroll tax fees. Yet there has been hardly a ripple by Americans angry at the new unexpected burden.

I’m not ready to change the nations symbol of Uncle Sam and put him in a barrel and suspenders, but it can’t be long. This week as I was in a discount store, I had the misfortune of walking behind a woman with a child in tow that had all the restraint of a tornado. Dashing here and there and screaming when he didn’t get his way, it made me want to pour a bucket of green slime from Nickelodeon all over him just to get his attention and make him be quiet.

The reason this little megaphone with spindly legs kept screaming is it was readily apparent that no one had ever said no to him. I wonder what would happen if we collectively as a nation told our legislators NO for once; No new taxes, No new spending.

I believe if that happened, the screaming child in front of me would serve as the perfect example of what a congressman would do. Come to think of it, a congressman reverting to childish behavior? Who would believe that?

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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