Immigration Legislation

I was standing in line at my local Walmart, waiting to send money to one of my “needy” children. As is usually the case, the money center offered but one employee despite the fact that there were ten of us waiting in line. As the line crept slowly forward, it passed the desk and forms needed to wire your money. I stepped two paces out of line, filled out the paperwork and returned to the spot I had left.

Faster than a response in announcing “free food and drinks” at a fraternity house, a larger than life woman with a voice to match shouted at me to get behind her. She shouted, “You cut the line, get behind me!!!” I politely endeavored to express the fact that I had waited longer than her, but to no avail. She continued her loud and very public rant. Without anyone else vouching for me that indeed I had had an existing spot, I sheepishly walked to the rear of the line to start my long wait again. It was the only thing I could do to keep her from stroking out. Besides, she was so large that if she jumped on me and squished me, I would have been enveloped in total darkness and my world would have been devoid of sound. My point is, try to cut a line at Disney World or a Black Friday sale, and you’re either pummeled by an angry mob or burly security guards.

This week a “bi-partisan” group of Senators unveiled an immigration plan that was roundly defeated in 2007. In fact, the bill now being offered is virtually identical to the one that shut down the Senate switchboard call center six years ago in protest. Why do they want to try it again? Because they think, you and I have forgotten. The bill calls for an immediate 11-million persons instant path to US citizenship.

What could go wrong, let’s assess the benefits:

  • Everyone knows the Social Security Administration is flush with cash, lets add another 11-million to the rolls.
  • The Obamacare mandates will never cause a budget overrun, lets squeeze some more individuals on this generous program.
  • The Democrats will have 10.9-million new voters.
  • I love automated call center messages. Now I can hear press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish the rest of my life.

However, let’s not forget those individuals who have been waiting years to go through immigration the proper way. For these unfortunate souls, the proposed new law (while they remain waiting) would be like getting the wrong door on the game show “Let’s Make A Deal.” Instead of getting the trip to Maui, you get a load of fertilizer.

I do believe we need immigration reform. But can we start in a few basic areas first? Rather than strip searching and making me cough at the airport, why not close our nation’s borders? Why must I always acquiesce when the government passes new laws that infringe on my rights, when our nation’s doors remain wide open?

I also believe the American immigrant wannabes already in line, ( like waiting at an amusement park), need to be given first preference. And Senators, if this is too difficult for you to understand, study how Disney World is operated. Even at that Micky Mouse venue, they offer a Speedy Pass. Oh, and the gates around the park are closed too. I wonder why?

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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    • I sure appreciate your encouraging comments from one writer to another. I’ll be up and running with my regular post on Friday. I hope you and your groom are doing well. I sure love seeing your warm smile on FB all the time. You are indeed blessed 🙂

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