Attitude is Everything

I used to have a boss that was as fickle as a spring day in New England. You never knew what type of mood she’d be in. Each day so we could know what we could expect for the day, we department managers would take turns coming out of our gopher holes (cubicles) and say hello to the boss. If she was pleasant, we all would take a collective sigh of relief and mingle. However, if you were one the unfortunate slobs who picked the wrong day and received frostbite from her icy greeting, we became the messenger to pass the word. “Keep a low profile today.” I hated living like that.

It’s not unlike the story of a housewife that drove her husband nuts with her incessant complaining and bad attitude. One day while he was relaxing in his chair reading the newspaper, she walked into the room and commenced with her typical moaning and complaining. She said with disgust, “You won’t believe the awful day I had.”

The husband at wits end interrupted her and said sternly, “There is a new rule in this house. No complaining is allowed. Unless it’s positive and affirming, you can’t say anything at all.” The wife stunned for a moment thought quickly and said with a cheesy smile, “Then you’ll be happy to know the airbags work!”

Attitudes impact everyone. When I see ads on TV with smiling happy housewives using a new bathroom cleaning product, the only thing I want to buy are the meds they must be on. I mean how often have you seen five housewives dancing around a toilet bowl singing how clean it is? My wife only does this sort of thing when I remember to take out the garbage. There are some exceptions to the rule.

Midst the amusing and funny Facebook posts each day, I am compelled to wade through an inordinate amount of things I’d rather not see and frankly could do without. I am not blind to the sufferings of humanity, but I don’t want to see multiple posts of a dog that looks like it went through a cheese shredder. Nor do I want to see mistreated children, posts on bodily functions, nor comments that read, “If you don’t share your love for me or Jesus, you will be a cursed sloth for eternity.”

I’m setting the tone for my Facebook wall as well as all my personal relationships. Only positive attitudes apply if you want to spend time with me. Because starting today, if my friends fail me on this, I’ll be wearing a button on all my shirts that reads, “Ask me about my vow of silence.”

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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  1. Grace Cox says:

    Here is my pastor’s blog that I mentioned a day or two ago, in which he makes some comments near the end about FB.

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