The Valentine Back-rub

Many people ask me, “Can romance still blossom when you’ve been married a long time, like 50 years?” I say absolutely, but then again, I’m still on my honeymoon at only 30 years in. The story is told of a couple who had hit a dry spell in their long marriage. The wife had implored her husband for a romantic dinner out, a moonlight walk hand-in-hand, anything. Yet he seemed more interested in his power tool collection or sports channels than he was his wife.

One night which coincidentally occurred on Valentines Day, he crawled in bed with her. It was then that he began to do something very out of the ordinary. While she acted like she was lightly sleeping, he began to touch her like he hadn’t in years. “Maybe the romance in their marriage wasn’t totally dead,” she thought. He began to lightly massage her arms, then her side, past her thighs to her legs the massage left her tingling. Even after ten minutes of this, she sensed a greater urgency in his touch. About to tell him his hands felt lovely upon her limbs, he promptly stopped and turned over. Perplexed by the sudden turn of events, she said in a sultry voice, “Why did you stop, that was marvelous?” To which he replied, “I found the remote!”

My advice this Valentine’s Day, offer your sweety a little extra attention. And for goodness sake, take the battery out of the remote. Because if you don’t, the bigger concern will not be changing a channel, it will be changing your sleeping arrangements, ie. the couch.

About enthusiasmiscontagious

I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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