Reward Me, I’m Honest

Why is it that you and I are the only ones left in the world who understand what the word honest means? I seethe with anger when I see politicians blatantly standing before their constituents and lie. It’s when they tout that a new piece of legislation will be the best thing since sliced bread; I know better. The Congressional Budget Office came out with a statistic this week that said the new healthcare law will eliminate over two and half million jobs in the next decade. Remarkably the next day, a politician came out and said that this was good news. He said less work will allow for individuals to relax and to slow down. He even added that families may even have more time for home cooked meals because they won’t be as rushed to buy fast food with the less work hours. I’m not an economist but don’t you need an income (job) to buy food? Will the word “unemployed” worker be replaced with “relaxed” worker? Take it from someone whose been unemployed several times, two things occur; you worry a lot and ramen noodles becomes a frequent meal of choice. How long will it be before we see political commentary from Star Trek’s Spock saying, “these politicians are highly illogical?”

A note to my congressman and senator, no one begrudges a plan. However I wish you’d think it through before you announce and enact it. Remember the famous quote by a majority leader who said, “We have to pass the bill to know what’s in it?” Anybody ever buy a used car before reading the fine print? Then you deserve the two toned rambler that sounds like a sewing machine when you exceed speeds of 50 miles per hour.

Some years ago a young boy lived in the wilds of Appalachia. Due to the scarcity of city amenities, his family had to use an outhouse. The young boy despised and hated the outhouse for many reasons. It was hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and the smell was never pleasant. To minimize the odors to the house, the outhouse was placed a distance away near a creek. Feeling agitated with the family’s bathroom situation, he decided he would push it into the water. Not thinking about what they’d use once it was gone, and seeing no family members present to witness the act, he pushed with all his strength and toppled into the swollen spring creek and watched the current carry it away.

Later that night at the dinner table his dad told him that he and the boy needed to make a trip to the woodshed. The boy knew what this meant, punishment. Trying to calm his nerves and rapidly beating heart, he asked his father why? To which his dad replied, “Because someone pushed the outhouse into the creek and I think that someone is you. It was, wasn’t it?”

The boy thinking fast said, “yes it was.” Then for good measure recalling a story from history his father had told him added, “Remember when George Washington’s father asked him if he had chopped down the cherry tree? His father said, “Yes I do.” To which the son exclaimed, “He didn’t get into trouble because he told his father the truth.”

“That is correct,” the dad replied, “but there is one major difference between your story and George Washington’s.” “The son replied, “and what would that be?” “George Washington’s father was not in the cherry tree when he cut it down.”

Like the father in the story, I get the same feeling that I’ve been pushed down the river by someone who also doesn’t have a plan? Considering the rancor coming from Washington lately, I believe the vehicle (legislation) they’ve used to float us down the river is just as undesirable as the one in the story, and I think it may be for the same reason!

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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