How Much Does Romance Cost Honey?

My son called me Friday with a complaint with the world. Not earth shattering, but I can feel his frustration. Roses that cost $25 a dozen on Valentine’s Day were only $9.99 the next day on clearance. A lesson we all learn as we walk through life; love can be expensive.

Our daughter was born on Valentine’s Day so historically speaking, she has been the focus each year not her Mom. Naturally, the next day I dedicate to my wife and what a bargain it is. Dinners out are less, flowers are cheaper, even candy is 50% off. Nothing but the second best for my wife, she likes to joke.

No offense to Hallmark and candy makers, but if I haven’t done my job the other 364 days of the year, a dozen roses might as well have all the charm of a can of Glade bathroom spray.

It’s difficult to flip on the romantic switch when you’ve been knee deep in the fertilizer of life all week long. You arise Valentine’s morning and say to yourself with some panic, “what can I get her unique this year since she didn’t like the shop vac I gave her last year?” Why do I feel like Fred Flintstone at a black tie affair?

I mulled my dilemma on how to show my love appropriately all day. It didn’t help that Singer Beyonce Knowles was in the news for having just given her husband Jayzee a watch for Valentine’s. No not the kind of watch you’d find at a department store that turns your arm green after one year of use, like mine. It was a watch that cost $5-million dollars. For $5 million dollars, that thing better dance and have more features than a James Bond gadget from Q. How can I ever wrap my arms around that kind of opulence when in my life a full tank of gas and a bag of groceries in the front seat doubles the value of my car.

After it was all over, I realized the pressure this past week wasn’t as much on me as it was on Beyonce’s husband. If your wife just gave you a watch that cost more than the gross national product of Chile, how are you going to buy her a gift that will top that?

After some reflection, I think I’m the one who is actually better off. I may not have a lot of money but I have a wife who appreciates even a Valentine’s dinner at the Sonic Drive-In. Oh, and just a piece of advice for young lovers. When you leave the car door open a little bit, the dome light casts a nice romantic glow. Ha, who says romance is dead?

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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