My Assessment of the Election

A Father and Mother were most distressed because their daughter was getting serious with a young man. The boyfriend was unkempt, had little initiative, and could hardly keep a job. The daughter had told her parents they were coming over to the house to give them some news. Fearing the worst (marriage), the mother told her husband that when the two arrived, that the father take him to the study and try to drill some sense into his head.

Upon entering the house, the father instructed the young man to come into the study where he could talk to him privately. The conversation centered around the subject of the seriousness of the relationship between the young man and their daughter. The father asked, “What job do you presently hold?” The young man answered, “I clean floors at a fast food restaurant.” The father said, “well that’s not much money to provide for our daughter.!” The young man said, “Don’t worry, God will provide!” No matter the question, the young man continued to speak of his undying love for the daughter and that God would provide.”

Sending him out of the room, the mother entered and said to her husband, “What happened, did you get through to him?” To which the father replied, ‘Honey, I have good news and bad news.” She inquired, “what’s the bad news?” He replied, “He’s going to marry our daughter.” Stunned she asked, “What’s the good news?” He replied, “He thinks I’m God!”

The election leaves me with the same quandary. With all the debts we’ve amassed as a country, did anyone think to ask before they pulled the lever in the ballot box, “How are we going to pay for it all?

The issue here is not which party rules the roost, it’s which party is willing to place the needs of the nation over the wants of their party?

We have reasons to be very concerned. Food stamp participation has risen over 70% in the past four years, the real unemployment figures are not the government issued 8.2 % but an effectual 15% rate. Unemployment data is only counted for five weeks. After that time period, unemployed workers are no longer counted in the equation.

If we don’t create jobs and get a handle on our debt soon, in a very short time we won’t have to worry about long lines at department stores the day after Thanksgiving. We’ll all be exchanging glances for Christmas, we’ll be poor.

The election results did help me realize one thing. I’ve made an appointment with my Optometrist. I think I have to update my prescription on my rose colored glasses, the world’s going to look very different from now on!

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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