Rethinking Commitment

The story is told of a barnyard discussion between a chicken and a pig. Morale had been running a bit low on the farm and they were discussing ways they could refocus the farm animals into a better outlook on life. The chicken who was always coming up with outlandish ideas said to his friend the pig, “Hey, lets have a special breakfast and invite all the animals. I’ll supply the eggs, you provide the bacon.” The pig immediately didn’t like the idea and stated, ” Wait a minute, I have a big problem with your suggestion, it’s not fair!” The chicken said, “What do you mean?” The pig said incredulously, “For the breakfast, you only have to make a sacrifice, but I have to make a commitment!”

It seems almost impossible to get anyone willing to commit to anything nowadays. Look at civic organizations, church attendance, and volunteer projects, hardly a soul ever shows up to help. So imagine my surprise this week when I read what a charismatic religious leader in India got his men followers to do. I am sure like me you have heard a particular sermon that inspired you. Maybe one even prompted you to alter the course of your life and make changes.

Did this inspiring leader get his followers to plant a forest of trees to help the environment? Or build a clinic for the poor? Maybe feed 10,000 homeless persons? No! He must have a boatload of charisma because his followers heard his message and changed their life irreversibly. I have been inspired by many a sermon, but never have I heard a religious leader preach that in order to meet God, you have to get castrated. On his website, the religious leader named Rahim is touted as being a saint, author, inventor, philosopher, philanthropist, peace activist and ‘the ultimate humanitarian’. Of course he has a boatload of new problems. He’s being investigated for sexual misconduct. I suppose it has nothing to do with the now four hundred angry significant others.

Meanwhile in another bizarre case in India, devotees of a dead guru are actually fighting a court battle in Punjab state to preserve their leader’s body in a freezer. In court filings they insist he is only meditating. I’m glad they aren’t Catholic, wouldn’t that be classified as a Pope Sicle? I believe their devotion however will ultimately garner a cool reception with the judge.

At the last two church work projects I oversaw, out of a church of 184 members, I garnered three volunteers. Three volunteers! That represents roughly .016 of the whole church. Yet Rahim got 400 men to stand in line like they were waiting for an errant bus to give their “all” and I mean all! And they did. I must be a pretty good pastor, I’ve NEVER asked my church men to sacrifice that much. Yet as I evaluate this guy, I can’t help but think his website missed a title in describing him. Back in the state of Maine where I grew up, we’d all be in agreement by saying; he must be one wicked good salesman.

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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