The Misconception of the Birth Control Debate

As one of the central characters in the 1939 classic, “Wizard of Oz”, Frank Morgan played a jovial, somewhat flamboyant character. He stood behind a curtain of a grand hall in OZ and manipulated people into thinking he was an all-knowing fire breathing wizard. He was not, it was all show. It seems nightly when I watch the evening news, I keep asking myself, who is behind the political curtain today trying to fool me?

Week after week, I see poisonous political debate, privacy rights being chipped away, and phony social outrage as the press provides the fait accompli to all these stories. I may not have a Harvard degree, but I can tell when I’m being told to ignore the man (or men) behind the curtain. This week the Supreme Court was called upon to decide whether the American crafts company Hobby Lobby had proper standing under the Constitutional clause of religious freedom. At the heart of the debate was birth control. Of the twenty known birth control drugs approved by the federal government, Hobby Lobby offered sixteen willingly to their employees. What the media won’t tell you is the four drugs the company refused to offer, terminated fertile eggs. Under their Constitutionally protected rights, they wanted no part in devaluing conception and the Supreme Court agreed.

However if you believed most of the news reports this week, Hobby Lobby practiced gender bigotry by consistently playing whack-a-mole with every female employees ovaries. Numerous politicians and news reports claimed Hobby Lobby refused to offer ANY birth control at all. This is false! Again I ask, who is behind this curtain?

As a former broadcast journalist myself, I am stunned by the lack of basic knowledge most Americans have on issues which greatly impact our nation. This week Americans have been presented with an illegal immigration border crisis, a shrinking economy the worst in five years, as well as an ever growing IRS and veterans care scandal.

Yet as I opened up my computer today to my MSN news home page, you know what was the pertinent news worthy item spotlighted? It was a headline that read, “Kim Kardashian goes braless.” Really?

I doubt you’ll never see this question on Trivial Pursuit; but what does the US Constitution, Hobby Lobby, and Kim Kardashian now have in common? Sadly none of them seem to be having much support this week.

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1 Response to The Misconception of the Birth Control Debate

  1. Tesa says:

    Can we all say “Laodicea”? I won’t ask America to spell it…. but just wake up enough to say it.

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