Racism in a Ball

This week the sports world is awash with stories of racism in US basketball. The owner of a major sports team was caught on tape making disparaging remarks about minorities. All the more baffling is the team owner Donald Sterling, who made these hurtful statements, did it in front of his Mexican/African American girlfriend. How can you be in a relationship with a minority you don’t like? This is as senseless as giving everyone in your Weight Watchers class a Maggie Moo Ice Cream gift card for losing weight. Or buying a vegan a Ham of the Month club membership. The question I have is, how does she reconcile to her friends and the world why she tolerates such narrow-mindedness? To make a comparison here, if I were in the market for a new girlfriend, when I reach 81 which Sterling is, that would mean at my present age (52) my future “sweety” would right now be in Pampers watching Dora the Explorer.

So how can a woman who looks young enough to be a card carrying member of the Chucky Cheese Dinner Club be dating such an older man? Love! It has to be love. Aren’t all elderly men who look like apple-faced dolls with Botox attractive to younger woman? We all know beautiful coeds still cruise the nursing home strip on weekends looking for sexy men that look like a balding Shar-Pei? Maybe he’s got better genes than I’ve got, because good looking college coeds only tell me I look hot when I’m pushing a lawnmower for four hours and it’s 100-degrees outside.

No it has to be love. I’m sure according to court documents that the luxurious gifts given to her of a 2012 Ferrari, two Bentleys, a 2013 Range Rover, a $1.8 million home and $240,000 in living expenses has nothing to do with her undying devotion. My wife is getting a bargain; she owns me over a cheap TV remote.

So why the non-stop coverage of this media circus? Why the selective outrage in the media? I’ve heard worse things said about conservative women yet the media remains as silent as a Yosemite campsite at dusk minus the mosquitoes. Which makes this headline story of the NBA Commissioner whose name is Silver banning Sterling that much more interesting. Wouldn’t it be more entertaining if it was the other way around, Sterling bans Silver? Better not, the silverware market would plummet with that headline.

Could it be that the media wants to talk about this story ad nauseam to keep more important news from reaching viewers like a one-tenth of one-percent U.S. economic growth figures? So what’s the price of free speech today Mr. Sterling? A 2.5 million dollar fine. In addition, he’s been given a lifetime ban (among other things) from attending any NBA games. Never being able to attend an NBA game again? That’s not a punishment; I’d give up an entire NBA season for a Snickers Bar.

Is there any good news for Sterling? Yes, he and his girlfriend can still go out tonight and kick back at a nice restaurant. I hear a child can eat free with one paying adult at Denny’s.

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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