I Need to Laugh

I can’t imagine a day where laughter couldn’t be a part of it. When I struggle with grief, or am overwhelmed with my day, I set aside these emotions to recall that one day of sheer happiness. I’m sure each one of us carries such a day in our hearts.

My memorable day was supposed to be infinitely more special for the couple I was serving. Our friends daughter was getting married and my wife and I were catering her wedding. The wedding was beautiful but the decorations in the reception hall lacked some pizazz. It was their choice, the couple chose to have black balloons in abundance all over the reception hall. Whereas my wedding consisted of festive pink balloons and streamers, this wedding seemed more suited for Morticia and Gomez of the Adam’s Family. Even the wedding gown sported a black shawl accent.

The father of the bride requested my assistance following the reception. He asked if I could take down all the balloons and decorations and dispose of them. Instantly I had plan for these decorations and it would involve our two and five year old son and daughter. Stuffing 50-gallon garbage bags with these “air-looms”, I carted countless bags of balloons home to our dining room where I re-released them. I have never seen a room so full in my life; it was waist deep. When our children arrived home and ran into the room, their squeals of laughter overflowed my heart. They ran, jumped, screamed, and giggled for what seemed like an eternity. Too this day, that overwhelming look of joy and laughter of my daughter has been eclipsed but once; her wedding day.

Savor the moments that leave you wide-eyed and breathless. Cherish the spontaneous laughter. As I age, I recognize these reflections of joy are my bridge. It is irresistible laughter that helps me span my lowest days as I travel towards the better ones.

About enthusiasmiscontagious

I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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