They Picked on the Wrong City

Bostonians, have no tolerance for terrorists and tyranny, no stomach for injustice or traitors. Boston detests inequality. Massachusetts was the first state to have the courage to ban slavery. Boston today is much like the Boston of old, it overflows with brave Patriots. Whoever perpetrated this despicable act at the Boston Marathon had best take notice, you picked on the wrong city.

On a frigid November day in 1620 after being tossed about the sea for over two months, a small band of pilgrims landed on the Massachusetts coast after leaving England. Despite the enormity of the task before them, they stumbled ashore and kissed the ground out of gratitude.

Just a scant few weeks before the most bitter winter would fully set in, these brave pilgrims had no homes, no stored goods, no knowledge of the dangers they faced, but they were grateful. With their backs to the sea, undaunted they set about creating a barrier from the extreme elements while keeping their eyes open in case one of their myths of cannibals and wild beasts were true.

These inhabitants were so stout, that they had buckles on their shoes and their hats. This toughness served to prepare them for the American Revolution in 1775. The city of Boston was under siege by British troops for eleven months. During that time the occupants never wavered under the duress.

The city of Boston has had it’s recent trials with the “Curse of the Bambino”; the longest drought in professional sports history. The curse, a Red Sox championship drought, lasted 86 years. Generations saw dreams crushed and hopes dashed, but it was always parsed with the words, “wait till next year kid!” In 2004 the faithful was rewarded, the city had it’s championship.

Bostonians by birth are not taught the words “give up” nor will they shrink in the face of fear. The Revolutionary War may be over after 238 years, but make no mistake. Boston’s history still reminds us of one important truth, this city still brims with Patriots. Take note terrorists, be scared because you sure picked the wrong city.



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