Respect has a Pricetag

A radio commercial running lately has an exasperated mother demanding of her child, “You’re going to start respecting me!” It’s about a program that guarantees it will instill respect in your children. Silly me, I just thought the little rug rat in the obnoxious ad just needed a spanking. Oh, did I say spanking? I meant, a specific behavioral modification.

I thought I understood the definition of respect, but apparently I’ve been way off the mark. Websters says the word is defined this way:

  1. esteem: a feeling or attitude of admiration and deference toward somebody or something
  2. state of being admired

I don’t see a price tag mentioned here do you? Yet that is the definition Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco gave this week when he commented on a new contract that now makes him the highest paid football player in the NFL. The Super Bowl MVP now receives a $29 million signing bonus and $52 million in guaranteed money. He will also be paid $51 million in salary and incentives over the first two years of the deal making it over a $120 million dollar haul.”

I don’t know about you but if I received a payday that big, I’d thank everybody from the hot dog vendor to the public address announcer at the stadium. I’d act grateful. I’d thank the fans. Not Flacco. Instead of saying words that would foster respect, he said this, ” (This contract isn’t) necessarily about the money. It is, at this point, about earning that respect and feeling like I was respected around here.”

News bulletin: for a $120 million dollars I’d wear a tutu to work and make everybody coffee. Haven’t we become a tad bit self absorbed if it takes $120 million dollars for a person to feel respected?

Hey Joe, I want to help you understand what respect is. Respect is giving your hardworking wife a back rub after a long hard day at work. It’s playing ball with your kids and spending time with them when it’s not convenient for you. It’s foregoing something you’ve always wanted so someone less fortunate can have it instead.

If respect is earned, why did the team have to buy yours?

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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