I’m on Faithbook!

It is rather odd that aside from investors, Facebook is so popular and so much a part of pop culture. It seems we can’t wait to log on and share with everybody every facet of our life. It has even made high school reunions irrelevant. Now you can stay home and openly laugh and giggle at all your friends who are gray haired and paunchy without them ever finding out, you are too. 🙂

My son asked me recently to see pictures of girlfriends I had had in my youth. So for fun, I logged on to Facebook and within minutes I had pictures of some of my past girlfriends and love interests. The interests were in far greater number than the former.

I hadn’t realized how old I’d gotten until I found one girlfriend who had posted she was with her Mother. I thought her Mom looked a little old until I realized that WAS my old girlfriend, NOT her mother. The old girlfriend demonstration ended the moment I saw my unintended reality check. Though depressing, it wasn’t a total loss. My son said as he was leaving the room, “You chose wisely Dad.” Indeed I did.

Today I boast over 300 Facebook friends. I didn’t even know I had that many people. Each week I am bombarded with game requests for farming equipment or someone wants my birth date. It’s presumably to make fun of me later in the year. Isn’t it ironic that I haven’t seen some friends in 30 years, but thanks to Facebook I can tell you what they ate last night? I even know where they went on vacation last summer and I know their twisted political leanings. I do find it joyous when friends post once in a lifetime occasions like their children being baptized or their kids getting married. Yet one thing plagues me. I see how connected we are to each other electronically but wouldn’t it be nice if we had our own Facebook called Faithbook to talk directly to God?

I’m sure He would love to hear of our latest vacation exploits, dinners out or the new book we’re reading. But I think He’d be more interested to hear about the new found ways we’re learning to connect with Him better.

When the last of our kids left the nest, the house seemed a bit empty. We spent many a night talking and praying about our kids and the choices they made. But as difficult as it was for us to transition to the empty nest syndrome, I wondered if God sometimes feels the same way about us? He has human thoughts and feelings. Have we been absent so long that He too has the same empty nest feeling?

The good news is He actually does have the equivalent of Facebook. It’s called Faithbook, the Bible. In it He goes into great detail to tell us about Himself and what dreams He has for us. In similarity to Facebook, is He on your friends list? If He is, to help us transition from Facebook to Faithbook, bring a pen. Because the more you read about Him and how much He loves you, the more you’ll want to check “Like” beside each message.

I know He likes to read what’s on your wall (your life), you know the things that everyone can see. However I believe private messages are what He loves best!

Oh, and on a programming note, KneeMail and Faithbook run on the same operating system, perfectly.

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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1 Response to I’m on Faithbook!

  1. Lee Lee Dart says:

    I love this, John. I FB God everyday and I am completely addicted!

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