New Law Doesn’t Apply to Congress?

Can we all agree that we know the meaning of the word hypocrisy? If not, let me help you understand it better.

Maybe you haven’t heard of a new federal law that forbids insured depository institutions, like your bank, from hiring people with criminal pasts. If you didn’t, then Richard Eggers and Yolanda Quesada sure have!

Talk about petty? When a background check was run on Mr. Eggers by the bank he had worked for, for sometime, it revealed a “sordid past”. Forty-eight years ago when he was a teenager (dare we even contemplate his dreadful sin), he tried to use a fake 10-cent coin to dry his laundry. Because that indiscretion was still on his record, his employer Wells Fargo, according to news reports, promptly fired him for having a police record. The same goes for Ms. Quesada. Early in her teens she shoplifted some clothes and was promptly caught and paid the fine. She said she learned her lesson, went back to school, earned her degree and had been a model citizen ever since. Now 58 years of age, she too lost her job with the same bank because a background check divulged her youthful indiscretion committed over 42 years ago.

The company spokesman said, “we have to comply with federal regulations, which are now in place. The government is making an effort to protect customers from identity theft or possible fraud.”

In comparison the architects of this law the U.S. Congress, in the past 12 years, has had over 30 scandals. I can assure you, each was more egregious than a 10-cent coin or a pilfered blouse. Yet remarkably, many who participated in the aforementioned shenanigans in the House not only wrote this same exacting law, but remain in office.

The bank spokesman concluded the interview by saying, “Once we find out someone has a criminal history of dishonesty or breach of trust, we can no longer employ them.”

Please, can this same standard apply to Congress? I believe the American voter would wholeheartedly support it. Oh and even better, it would fall under the buzz word we hear so often from Washington. It would truly be a “bipartisan” agreement!

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I am an individual who analyzes all facets of life in the hopes of squeezing out some of the humorous parts.
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